The first day of school for students in grade K-8 is Wednesday, August 14. The school for elementary students begins at 8:15am and ends at 2:30pm. The school day for middle school students begins at 8:45am and ends at 3:30pm.
Middle school students will receive their team assignment and class schedule on the first day of school. On the first day, middle school students will report to the following areas to receive their team assignments:
  • 6th Graders - report to the cafeteria
  • 7th graders - report to the west side of the middle school gym
  • 8th graders - report to the east side of the middle school gym
In addition, each team of teachers will provide a variety of activities to help students acclimate to their new learning environment. Please do not call the school prior to August 14 requesting your child's team assignment.


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